Project Management

How should I optimize my processes? How do I implement such optimization measures best? How do I find a solution? Where is my position on the market? These are but a few key questions which must be answered if you intend to implement precise and efficient project management processes. These questions, among other aspects, have motivated Dietmar Ehlert Projektmanagement to take their approach based on proven methods. The conducted analysis, which also comprises the definition of the project itself, the budget and the objective, lays the groundworks for specific performance provisions, which facilitate basic engineering as well as the definition and implementation of required automation and modernization measures on your electrical equipment.

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30+ Years of Experience

At Ehlert Projektmanagement, we devise custom-tailored concepts for your company  which allow for lean processes, the integration of standards and thus improved project implementation. The project staff’s skills, knowledge and expertise play a key role in efficient project management. Let us help you compile the documents required for the acceptance of your units such as the document on explosion protection. We will walk you down the road of official unit evaluation for acceptance.


  •  Planning of industrial plants and modernizationen 
  • Basic engineering for required power supply technologies
  • Instrumentation, control engineering and automation
  • Coordination of all involved resources and suppliers
  • Supervision of implementation of “automated plants”


Your plant has reached a certain age and no longer meets today’s technological requirements nor economic requirements?


Let us present you with successful modernization schemes and efficient processes.


  • Free operative capacities
  • Increase plant availability to the greatest technologically feasible extent
  • Economic implementation of modernization measures
  • Implement sustainable measures