Analytical plant condition evaluation and process description including precise definitions as to where and when the required intended plant condition will be achieved lay the groundworks for the implementation of efficient automation schemes. At Ehlert Engineering, we provide services for economic electrical plant design always considering your specific plant specifications. Tap on our expertise and experience from 10+ years of engineering services!

Industrie und Natur

Automation Measures


  • Automation of production processes, conveyor units and process plants.
  • Electronic instrumentation and control engineering
  • Design adequate systems for electronic instrumentation and control engineering to monitor and control your machines and units as well as visual status indication.
  • PCS - process control system
  • Determine adequate process control systems and decentralized control concepts


Process determination

We will determine process-related variables as per the plant specifications and supply an overview for all measurement and monitoring values which are relevant for the respective process.


Process optimization

Together with our partners at aquatune – Dr. Gebhardt & Co GmbH and atlan-tec Systeme  GmbH we optimize technical processes under aspects of

  • cost reduction from power and material consumption,
  • increased plant productivity,
  • increased data security and plant safety,
  • quick implementation of desired technical forecasts and simulations.